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Maya Toron Al Omary, the founder of Maison Mishmashi is what the world labels a ‘third culture girl’. Coming from a culturally-fuelled family, she was born and raised in NYC to Syrian parents, both of whom are established painters; one sister is a vocal coach and composer while the other is a film producer. Both her father and step-father were diplomats and under their influence, Maya became accustomed to the nuances of far-flung cultures, absorbing visual output, customs and rituals. Paris was her home for 12 years and the city where she received her education before moving to Dubai 22 years ago with her husband and four children. These eclectic experiences sewed together the threads of what Maya’s lifestyle design brand, Maison Mishmashi, represents: her global journey and essence as a sum of all the parts she encountered on the way. Now we open the doors to her artful Dubai Waterfront abode where she lives and creates.

 words by Laura Beaney in Design & Architecture


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